Ocular Prosthesis Insertion and Removal

Wetting your ocular prosthesis before insertion makes it easier to slide into the eye socket. Use an ocular prosthesis wetting lubricate supplied by your ocularist for optimum results.

In most cases, the narrow side of the ocular prosthesis faces towards the nose and the wide side faces outward toward the ear.

Insertion of your Ocular Prosthesis

Take your ocular prosthesis in one hand, holding it in position near the entry of your eye socket.
With the other hand, lift the upper eye lid.


 Carefully slide the prosthesis under the upper eye lid. Use a mirror if helpful.


Release the upper lid over the prosthesis while holding the prosthesis in place. With the free hand, gently pull down the lower eye lid to allow the prosthesis to slid into the lower eye pocket (inferior fornex).


If necessary, correct the position of the prosthesis with slight pressure, allowing air bubbles to escape.




Removing your Ocular Prosthesis with Your Finger

To remove your ocular prosthesis, start by looking upwards. Then pull the lower eye lid down with the tip of your finger until you see (or feel) the edge of the prosthesis. If the prosthesis doesn’t come out by itself, gently insert your finger behind the bottom edge of the prosthesis. Be careful to catch the prosthesis as it may fall out quickly once the lower lid has been pulled.




Removing Your Prosthetic Eye with a Suction Cup

Wet the tip of the suction cup. Squeeze the middle of the suction cup stem as pictured below. Opening
your eye as wide as possible, bring the suction cup to the surface of your eye prosthesis. Once the
suction cup is pressed firmly on your eye prosthesis, release pressure off of the stem.


Attach suction cup to prosthesis as
described above.


Pull your lower lid down and use the suction
cup to pull your prosthesis out.

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